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Brasilia, Brazil 2005


Junior and Billy sharing some percussion secrets before the gig.

Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, Brazil 2005


Everybody in the band got a counter each. Every checkin personels nightmare! TAM airlines, a nice experience. I´ll fly with them anytime again.

Sao Paulo, Brazil 2005


XXelent view over Sao Paulo from the Hilton gym where I spent a couple of afternoons.

Belgrad, Serbia 2005


Small people on yet another big stage. Actually a very nice venue and the concert turned out great.

Bern, Switzerland 2005


Bill with da biiig drumset. This is from our recording sessions in Bern.

Charleville, France 2005


Caught in the action. I stand perfectly close to Bill to be able to get some nice pics during his solos.

Ercan, Cyprus 2005


Ahh, another cosy morning in an airport.

Kyrenia, Cyprus 2005


Beautiful stage. Good food. Nice weather. I see why people go here not only for jazz festivals. Click the arrows below for more pictures...

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